Established  in 1991 as a technical organization dedicated to the engineering of antenna systems in military-type and professional radio-communication projects, Ro.Ma. enginery has developed over the years  design, production and consulting capabilities in a wide range of communication-oriented technologies such as Data Transmission, Optical Fiber Telephony, Control and Monitoring Software and Hardware.

The Company’s activities are supported by in-house facilities for design and small/medium-size production of electronic equipment.

The system integration expertise and the availability of a variety of custom-made and standard products developed by Ro.Ma. enginery for different uses allow the Company to operate in the field of automation and control  for industrial and environment protection applications.

Typical features of the Ro.Ma. enginery products are:

-  High quality and performance standards complying  with military and professional requirements

-  Modular construction based on standard modular units which can be used in different configurations

-  Design flexibility to meet different technical requirements and budgets

-  Easy troubleshooting and maintenance with built-in self- testing  and fault location capabilities

-  Microprocessor-based control of the operating and self-test functions

-  Serial interfaces ( RS-232/RS-422, etc.) and LAN technologies for data exchange and system integration



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