The Company


Ro.Ma. enginery  is a team of  engineers, technicians and workshop operators with expertise and skills in the design, production and installation of :

  • antenna systems for radio-communication

  • ancillary equipments for a wide range of applications

  • control and monitoring facilities

  • interfaces for system integration.




 In nearly two decades of activity the Company has developed a wide range of products and services  in different sectors of electronic engineering.The Company’s  traditional line of products (receiving antenna multicouplers, receiving antenna matrices, audio matrices, interface units, operator terminals and other ancillary equipment), has been expanded in these recent years to include equipment for satellite communication. The range of hardware and software products covers different levels of system implementation, from the supply of individual equipment to the installation of complete systems.

The in-house facilities allow production and integration of both hardware and software components into the final products, the software-controlled functions can be easily reconfigured to meet new requirements during the operating life of the system.

The Company’s engineering capabilities are available to the Customers for the development of special-to-type equipment and systems.





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