24 Antennas 32 Receivers RF Matrix-Multicoupler rack


24 Antennas 32 Receivers RF Matrix-Multicoupler rack


Developed for the renovation project of a receiving station of a NATO Navy, the rack  integrates matrix switching and multicoupler functions designed to allow the most flexible use of 24 antennas for association with 32  RF receivers.

In a  43U 19 standard rack the following main components are mounted:

  • qty 1 Power Supply panel for generation of all the necessary operating voltages 

  • qty 1 Patch Panel for manual switching between antennas and multicouplers

  • qty 1 RF Matrix  for switching  the multicouplers outputs to receivers # 1 to # 16

  • qty 1 RF Matrix  for switching the multicouplers outputs to receivers # 17 to # 32

  • qty 24 Multicouplers, one for each antenna

  • qty 1  Cable terminations panel.




Control of the operating functions can be local by keyboard and display or remote over a  RS-232/422 serial line, 9600 bit/sec.


The 24 Antennas 32 Receivers standard configuration can be adapted  for different numbers of antennas and receivers without alteration of the rack layout.


 The rack is a compact, lightweight and  self-contained  structure made of aluminum alloys, removable panels allow easy access to all the internal parts for installation and servicing/maintenance and troubleshooting  during the operating life.


Advanced design and new-generation technologies have resulted in technical characteristics which set performance standards for this type of systems.

  • Frequency range:                         20kHz to 32MHz

  • Input/output VSWR:                    1.4:1 typical

  • Insertion loss:                               0dB nominal

  • Noise figure:                                 < 6dB

  • Decoupling between receivers:    70dB typical if connected to different antennas 35dB typical if connected to the same antenna

  • Decoupling between antennas:    70dB typical

  • Switching time:                              5 msec. max   








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