RF power combiners

Tx RF power somming networks


The RF power somming networks are used to combine the RF power of more transmitters and route it to a single wideband antenna.

Typical application as in installations where antenna space is at a premium



RF power combiners


A family of RF power summing networks which allow operation of two or more RF transmitters in the powerbank mode, with use of a single wideband antenna, without any constraints on frequency separation.

Power handling of 2kW CW for the HF (1.5MHz to 32MHz) filters and 150W CW for the VHF filters (38MHz to 144MHz)


                            -Technical Characteristics

Frequency range

2MHz to 30MHz

Insertion loss for a single port

3.6dB max

VSWR at each port

1.2:1 typical <= 1.8:1 at 2MHz

Decoupling between the two input ports

20dB typical >= 17dB at 30MHz

Power handling at each port


Power handling at each port with out-of-phase/frequency signals



19" 3U

Primary power

220VAC 50Hz


Rispondente alla MIL STD 819 E

Operating temperature range

-10 to+50 C

Storage temperature range

-20 to +85 C



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