Amplified loudspeakers

Amplified loudspeakers


A family of amplified loudspeakers specifically designed for shipboard and on field installations.


Amplified loudspeaker MR-1507

The Amplified loudspeaker MR-1507 design exploits advanced amplification techniques and components to provide a 12W audio level with a maximum distortion of 0.5%.


Main features:

  • High linearity by use of new .generation audio amplification techniques and  components

  • On/off front panel switch enabled to the on/off switching of the internal circuits and of the TTM101 user terminal

  • Constant output volume independent from the source level by use of appropriate equalization circuits and local potentiometer for input level adjustments 

  • Tropicalized aluminum case for installation in high-humidity environments

                       - Technical characteristics

Audio input connection

DB 9-pin Female, pin 2 (Audio), and 3 (GND)

Audio input impedance

600 Ohm

Audio response

200 Hz to 12.000 Hz 2 dB

+ 24 Vdc Out toTTM User Terminal

DB 9-pin Female pin 1 (+24Vdc) and  5 (GND)

Audio input level (ALC switched in)

  40 dBm to + 10 dBm

Output power level  @ +28 Vdc

 12 W max (with ALC)

18 W max (without ALC)

Distortion at maximum power level@ +28 Vdc

≤ 0,5 % with ALC @ 12 W

≤ 2 % without ALC @ 18 W

Volume adjustment

1-turn potentiometer

DC primary power

21Vdc to 28 Vdc 1,5 Amp max

Primary power input connector

DB 9-pin Male, pin 1 (+24 Vdc) and 5 (GND)

Case construction

1mm-thick aluminum, painted RAL 7030. Navy Gray


H= 120 mm  W= 120 mm D= 77,5 mm


1 Kg approx.


Mounting plate with holesi



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