Fiber Optics technology

 Fiber Optics technology


A line of products exploiting the advantages of fiber optics in military and professional applications


 Fiber Optics transmission system

 A transmission system consisting of plug-in cards capable of multiplexing audio and data signals  over fiber optics transmission lines.

The  standard card is capable of multiplexing  2 audio inputs (300Hz to 3000Hz), 8 opto-isolated digital inputs, 4 serial RS-232 signals,

2 serial RS-422 signals into a fiber optics line on transmission  and demultiplexing the same number of audio and data outputs  from a fiber optics line on reception, implementing a complete Full-Duplex link over two optical fiber lines, one for Tx and one for Rx Based on the 100x200 Eurocard echnique, the standard card can be mounted in a 19 standard rack. All the audio and data connections are available on a rear-mounted Eurocard connectors, the terminations of the optical fiber lines are located on the aluminum front plate.

The optical fiber terminations are ST type. The audio signals are 600 Ohm-balanced, transformer-isolated and sampled by a PCM codec.

The digital inputs and outputs can be configured in different standards: open collector/+12V/E&M. 

The serial lines can operate at data rates up to 9600bps since the sampling interval is 30microseconds and consequently the jitter can never exceed this value. The system is self-synchronized and each card is fitted with a synchronization led and a BITE led located on the front plate of the card, the complete system includes a series of ancillaries pertaining to the selected transmission configuration , listed here below:

  • 19 standard rack  3U 84 TE complete with 2 power supplies (one operating, one as back up), with capacity for 8 fiber optics cards

  • 19 standard rack  3U 42 TE complete with  power supply, with capacity for 3 fiber optics cards

                                Technical characteristics  

Operating temperature

0C to 70C

Primary power voltage


Operating voltage applied to the optical fiber cards


Audio inputs/outputs isolation


Audio input/output impedance

600Ohm balanced

Audio input level

+8dBm/600 Ohm max

Audio dynamic range


In/out insertion loss


Audio sampling rate


Digital sampling interval


Digital inputs

8 opto-isolated, configurable

Audio inputs

2 balanced

Serial inputs

4  RS-232, 2 RS-422

Digital outputs

8 isolated configurable

Audio outputs

2 balanced

Serial outputs

4 RS-232, 2 RS-422,

Optical fiber connector type


Transfer rate


Input/output data connectors (each card)

2 sub D 25 pins

Input/output audio connectors (each card)

2 sub D 9 pins


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