Audio panels

Audio panels


A line of radio operator terminals developed by Ro.Ma. enginery for Voice/CW transmission and reception.

With the high standards of reliability and performance of military and professional applications.

The terminals are configured as a Rack Standard 19 3U unit, with front panel controls and connectors.



Audio Panel MR-0506

Audio Panel MR-0506 is a voice and telegraphy Rx/Tx terminal for radio operators. Provided  with all the audio and telegraph interfaces, it allows Simplex/Duplex connection to a radio transmitter and a radio receiver.


Main features:

  • Two physically separated functional sections, one dedicated to the local management of audio terminals (headset, handset, loudspeaker), one to the Morse key.

Selection of any of the following modes of operation:

  • Voice transmission and reception over headset with boom microphone in the Simplex/Duplex mode, PTT delay of 200millisec approx.

  • CW transmission and reception with Morse key in the Simplex/Duplex mode, generation of a 1000Hz tone and 1sec. approx. PTT delay.

Front panel controls for:

  • Digital adjustment of the headset and loudspeaker volume

  • Switching the loudspeaker in/out

  • Sidetone in the simplex mode

  • Input for Tx PTT indication on a front panel led

  • Automatic connection to an external generator for selective calls

  • Modular construction in a 19 Rack 42 TE,3 U configuration

  • Circuits assembled into two cards, one dedicated to the interconnection of the front panel connectors, switches and pushbuttons, one to the interface and management functions

                                     Technical characteristics:

Rx audio line

qty 1, balanced , 600 Ohm,0 dBm nominal level

Tx audio line

qty1  balanced, 600 Ohm  nominal, 0 dBm , adjustable  in the -6dBm to 0dBm range

Microphone input

qty1, unbalanced,200 Ohm nominal, -40 dBm

Selcal/centralization input

qty1, balanced 600 Ohm nominal, 0 dBm

Headset output

qty 1, unbalanced ,600 Ohm nominal, 1 mW

Loudspeaker output

qty 1, 8Ohm nominal , 1 W max

Selcal/centralization  Rx audio output

qty 1,unbalanced, 600 Ohm nominal with headset and loudspeaker volume adjustment

CW modulation

Dedicated key, 1kHz, 0dBm over a Tx line

CW key input

Open connection/closed connection circuit

PTT output (all modes)

Open/ground  , Vmax =50 Vdc / 100mA

PTT hold-on time

Voice : 200 mSec  ,                                             CW    : 1 Sec                                     Centralization: 200 mSec

Voice PTT input


Selcal/centralization PTT input



Only on simplex mode on headset and loudspeaker

Primary power

100Vac to 220Vac


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